Most Anticipated Mobile Games Of 2017: What’s New And Improved

Top Mobile Games 2017

Mobile games are making gaming more convenient to play everywhere and anywhere at your own time. Becoming smarter entails bigger changes in the face of gaming industry. Recent Facebook Insights on 5 global mobile gaming  trends revealed that is becoming part of family activity:

Gamers are everywhere and can play anywhere. Mobile games is much more convenient to play. More than half of the respondents (71%) uses smartphones for gaming (PC only have 64%). Developing markets play more frequently (1.8 times more likely to use their smartphones) compared to developed market gamers.

Face of gaming is changing. Ratio of female gamers is near equality  with male gamers.  On the average across 12 markets, women which use smartphones (47%) have closer percentage to male gamers (53%). Among the top 5 game genres both gender have similarities with the following:  puzzle, strategy and action. When it comes to RPG (role playing games) is still a men thing.

All is fair in love and games. Across 12 markets, mobile game spenders are 2.7 times more likely to stay in the  game for sense of community and belonging. These gamers are twice more likely to stay for social connections. They are also twice more likely to pay just to beat their friends (2.9 times) and level up quickly (2.8 times) .

Play. Share.  On the average of 12 markets, more than half of mobile gamers (68%)  discovered games through social networking platforms. This is followed by Photo/video services with 57%.

Prime time is game time. From 5pm onwards is ‘game on’ (gametime).  Accross 10 markets, 43% of mobile gamers are parents. It shows that  almost agreed (90%) that playing mobile games is a family activity.

Those insights simply revealed that play an important role in an individual even on a family. Gaming is not just about creating connections but showing competitiveness in accepting challenges.

Additional Mobile Game Trends to Watch this 2017:

Customizable – To create a personalize appeal, developers are adding customizable items or elements, this is one of the main reason of hooking up with the game.  Nintendo’s upcoming Animal crossing has village customization feature or Crashland’s Juicemancy update.

Outstanding Graphics – with the powerful CPUs and GPUs, developers are taking advantage of this through providing high quality graphics yet seamlessly fluid i.e. Star Wars: Force Arena.

Bigger Updates- when it comes it is not just about adding some glitches when we talk of upcoming updates, we can see that it’s a bombing update since developer want gamers to experience an epic adventure. Just like Crashland Juicemancy 1.2 patch which gives FLABAJILLIJOLTS of energy for the upgrades.

Mobile games Vs. Social Apps?

Recent research by Tapjoy revealed that consumers are twice likely more relaxed to use mobile games than social apps. Respondents also agreed that they  are more focused (35%), happier (34%) and more engaged (35%) on mobile game apps.  Spending in apps is much more higher, holiday spending on mobile games last year was near $1 Billion. Smartphone and tablets users spent $967.6 million on game apps for iOS and Android.

New & Upcoming Top Mobile Games for 2017

Are you excited for the best mobile games this 2017? Netizenreviews is simply giving you top 5 of most anticipated games for 2017.  This mobile game reviews gives you the latest assessment for the top mobile games this year.