The Ultimate List of Moving Apps

Moving house used to be stressful and unpredictable and chaotic. Not anymore!

Today’s technology gives us a great number of mobile moving apps that can guide us skilfully throughout the entire home moving process – before, during and after the residential move.


Moving Apps

Moving house doesn’t have to be that stressful and overwhelming. Be prepared for your upcoming move like never before!

Here’s a list of the best moving apps to make your move easier and safer too.

1. Move Advisor

As one of the best moving apps available, Move Advisor is the ultimate moving app that will help you organize your move from A to Z. The cutting-edge mobile app for moving includes customizable Moving Timeline, intuitive Home Inventory, and useful Movers Around You tool to find the best moving company in your area.

Harness the moving power of Move Advisor: Apple’s App Store / Google Play

2. My Move

My Move will help you find a reputable and affordable moving company around you by letting you read genuine reviews about professional movers straight from the app. Also, a good moving checklist will help you organize your move the right way.

Get My Move for free now: Apple’s App Store / Google Play

3. Moving Planner

The Moving Planner app offers a configurable moving checklist to help you plan your house move. You can create your own moving checklists and customize them to your preference. Cloud Sync and Cloud Share are also included in the moving app.

Google Play

4. Sortly

Sortly is a good organizer app that will enable you to organize your household items by adding photos and videos in your virtual home inventory. Also, the moving application offers a moving checklist that starts 8 weeks prior to your moving day. Extended features include the creation of QR labels.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

5. MoveMatch

This moving app can help you estimate the approximate weight of your household items, then create an inventory list of the things you’re moving, and finally get in touch with a professional moving company in your area.

Google Play

6. Unpakt

The Unpakt app lets you plan, book and manage your house move with ease. As one of the top moving apps, Unpakt enables you to create and edit your inventory list, as well as to compare moving company prices and reviews.

Apple’s App Store

7. Moved

Moved is a mobile application that can be your personal assistant throughout the house move – from booking a moving company, updating your postal address, and selling the furniture you don’t want, to getting packing materials and even finding a storage unit for your things.

Apple’s App Store

8. Moving van

Moving van is a home inventory app that will facilitate your packing task and speed up unpacking by helping you identify the contents of every box. The Moving van app will help you detail the contents, take photos of the items inside each box, and then assign a unique name or number to each container.

9. Moving Checklist Pro

The Moving Checklist Pro is just that – a set of customizable checklists that will ensure that you don’t forget any of the important tasks that come with moving to a new home. That detailed to-do list will give you the peace of mind you’ll need during the stressful relocation period.

Apple’s App Store

10. MyMovingList

MyMovingList is a mobile application that will help you stay organized throughout the move with the help of a detailed moving checklist. You can set self-reminders to make sure no important task is forgotten. The moving app also has a box label printing feature.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

11. Wunderlist

The Wunderlist app is a to-do planner that will help you organize your pre-move time better. Create a list, set reminders and schedule those reminders on your smartphone to never miss another deadline when you work on your moving tasks. You can also share lists and assign tasks to your helpers.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

12. Zillow

Zillow’s mobile app will help you find the right apartment or house to move to. Browse through home values and rental prices in the city and neighborhood you wish to relocate, then connect with a real estate agent. The home listings you’ll get are reliable, easy to filter and have enough photos

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

13. OfferUp

One good way to cut moving costs is to take only the most essential items with you. The OfferUp app will help you sell locally the things you no longer want or need. Get rid of your large furniture pieces to pocket some cash and save on the transportation costs at the same time.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

14. Letgo

Letgo is similar to OfferUp – the mobile application gives you the unique chance to get rid of unwanted items and earning some money at the same time. The moving app works locally – that is, it will connect you with potential buyers in the local Craigslist-style marketplace.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

15. Varage Sale

The Varage Sale mobile app is your virtual garage sale assistant that will help you sell unwanted items within your community. The moment you join a community, you only need to take photos of the stuff you want to get rid of, and then list those items for sale in seconds. And since the moving app is community-based, the usual scenario is you, as a seller, to meet with potential buyers in person.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

16. Magic plan

The Magic Plan app will enable you to create customized floor plans for your new home. You can save time and nerves by planning out in a virtual environment where each furniture piece will be placed in the new apartment or house to avoid having to move them around later.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

17. NextDoor

The NextDoor mobile app will help you know better your neighbors and neighborhood after you move. The moving app, designed to be accessed only by real members of a given area (neighborhood), will inform you about local services, event, and general safety information as well. As a bonus, NextDoor is a great way to make new friends after you move to a new city.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

18. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is a mobile app that makes it much easier for you to find home service professionals to help you with the finishing touches of the new home after you’ve moved in. This home improvement app lets you find and compare contractors, read reviews, view prices, and of course – book appointments with the pros.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

19. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a smartphone app that can help you prepare to move out by enabling you to find a skilled person (Tasker) to do any required home repairs, clean the apartment or house, or disassemble large furniture for you. This moving app can be of great assistance to you after you move to the new home as well. TaskRabbit services are available in most major US cities.

Apple’s App Store / Google Play

20. Handy

Handy is a mobile app that will help you get in touch with home cleaners and handymen. When moving out, you will surely want your security deposit back, so the place you’re leaving should be clean enough. Once you’ve moved to a new home, you may find out that new place needs a deep cleaning more than ever.



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