Unleash Your Creativity With Paintable Wallpaper


Paintable wallpaper offers plenty of options for customization. If you find yourself shopping in the paint section only months after completing a painting project, this product might be for you.

Whether you’re indecisive or you just love mixing things up and choosing new colors with each interior design change, paintable wallpaper is a great choice!

Paint It … Over and Over Again

A big advantage of paintable wallpaper is that you can paint it as many times as you want. All you do is paint over it with a coat of white, then paint with the new color you love!

Create Special Effects

Another great feature is the ability of paintable wallpaper to hold up to many types of paint. You can get a metallic paint product to create a special effect, or you can mix glazes and finishes to achieve the look you want. It’s versatile, and it helps expand the boundaries of what you can do with your walls.

Plenty of Additional Benefits

Paintable wallpaper is a luxury product that makes your walls look beautiful, in a class above the rest. It also adds a layer of protection. Using paint alone, you’d have to sand, fill dents and cracks and prime again before repainting drywall. With paintable wallpaper, it’s much easier to change wall color on demand.

Additionally, you can purchase this wallpaper type in a range of textures. Leave it unpainted for a classic look, or paint it to accentuate the beautiful raised patterns.

Prime Walls Before Hanging

Make sure you prime your walls in advance of hanging this type of wallpaper. You want it to last, so it’s vital to prepare by creating a smooth, clean surface. Not only will the adhesive stick better, but it will also make the product easier to remove when the time comes.

Don’t Paint Too Soon

One of the most common mistakes is rushing to get the job done! Make sure you let the wallpaper set before you start covering it with a coat of paint. Typically, 36 to 48 hours is enough time to let the adhesive set. But if you notice the product starts to bubble upon paint application, wait another 12 hours before continuing.

Ready to Shop?

Find paintable wallpaper for your home when you shop our vast selection at Wallpaper Warehouse. Our online store has plenty of options and our team has lots of design ideas! Call if you have questions and let us know how we can help you create the interior design you imagine.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | Paintable Wallpaper Helps You Unleash Your Creativity


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