How to Use Wallpaper to Highlight Shelves

Wallpaper is a great tool for calling attention to your built-ins and shelving, making them look anything but boring. If you thought wallpaper was only for traditional use, you’d be wrong! You can get creative and add it to the wall behind your shelving for a unique, stand-out look.


Grass Cloth Adds a Textured Look

Put grasscloth wallpaper behind your shelves — it will add a textured look you’ll love. It brings the warmth of a natural environment to your living space and provides the perfect backdrop for displaying pictures, sculptures and of course, books.

Beadboard Adds Beauty

Beadboard wallpaper is easier to add than real beadboard — and it’s cheaper too. It will give your shelves a traditional, classy appearance. Better yet, you can get beadboard wallpaper in a variety of colors, so you can add a splash of distinct personality at the same time.

Brilliant Color Is Always Welcome

pink-roselle-damaskOn the topic of color, don’t shy away from a brilliant dash of accent color. The wall behind your shelves will be partially concealed by the items you place on them, so even if it looks overly vivid while you’re applying it, the wallpaper won’t be as bold once you finish the project and load your shelves back up.

Metallic Gives Off a Glow

Use metallic wallpaper to give your shelves a shimmering glow. It’s ideal for all times of the year. Metallic wallpaper that may be too extreme on an entire wall fits perfectly in the small spaces between each shelf.

Maps Are a Good Fit for an Office

Do you have a floor-to-ceiling set of built-ins in your home office? Enhance the space with the chart- or map-themed wallpaper. You’ll be surprised how much you enjoy working in an inviting environment.

Don’t Choose Just One Pattern

Who said you have to pick one type of wallpaper for the space behind each shelf? Choose a different color or pattern for each level for a truly eye-catching look. This is the perfect option for the wallpaper lover who can’t decide which print is their favorite.

After You’re Done

Once you’ve finished hanging wallpaper, it’s time to stock those shelves. Mix and matchbook colors and spine lengths for a natural look. You can also put some of the spines in place in reverse. Stack some books horizontally too to avoid a packed, cluttered look. Use sculptures and photo frames to break up the monotony of books.

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Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | Use Wallpaper to Highlight Shelves


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