Using a Tension Fabric Structure for Shelter Buildings a Good Idea?

Tension fabric structures are among the most durable shelter buildings available today. Find out why they’re tough enough for your next project.

Fabric Building Costs Vs. Metal Alternatives

Fabric buildings usually cost 20 or 30 percent less than traditional metal alternatives. They’re not as temporary as a pavilion or a party tent. In fact, these buildings can last anywhere from 15 to 25, and even up to 30 years, making them a great alternative to metal buildings. It only takes about half as much time to build a fabric building compared to a metal one.

Unlike metal alternatives, these kinds of clear span building are also non-toxic and non-corrosive. There are no metal screws or bolts that can rust over time. The fabric is usually welded to the metal poles, so the structure won’t come undone or rip unless someone is applying a lot of excess pressure.

ClearSpan Buildings as a Custom Solution

A fabric clear span building can be custom built to meet the needs of any kind of project. You can custom design the dimensions to make sure that you have just enough room for all your project needs. You can also spread out with these buildings because they are much cheaper to construct than metal alternatives. If you need a lot of space for your next event or project, fabric shelter buildings are often the best choice.

Fabric buildings can also be modified after the initial construction and installation. If your project changes or you need space for more equipment, you can easily expand your existing structure without having to build another one from scratch. If you are dealing with a volatile working environment, you’re probably better off going with a fabric shelter instead of a metal one.

Repairs and Maintenance Costs

Fabric shelters are built to last for many years, but if a problem does occur, you can easily have it repaired without draining your bank account. Repairing a tension fabric structure only costs about $2 per square foot, as opposed to metal structures, which can cost roughly $7 per square foot to repair. These clear span buildings also come with lots of natural light, so you don’t have to spend as much on lighting and electricity. They’re also insulated, helping you save more on your HVAC bills.

If you’re looking for a tension fabric structure for your next project, contact Shelter Structures today for a free quote!


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