How Wallpaper and Art Work Together

Wallpaper is a beautiful addition to any home. Modern wallpaper styles are making homeowners everywhere turn to this versatile decorating medium. Some wallpaper can be just as breathtaking as a fine art piece!

We Love Wallpaper

Whether hung on one accent wall or throughout an entire room, wallpaper is a time-tested wall-covering solution. You can get vinyl products that stand up to moisture even better than paint. You can find wall-covering products that withstand scuff marks in high-traffic areas, keeping your interiors looking fresh.

Best of all, you can find patterns that jibe with your vision for your home, playing off your furniture, carpeting and other textiles to create the perfect environment.

Can Art and Wall Coverings Work Together?

Many people often think they have to choose between art and wallpaper. Would it make the room look too busy if there are too many colors, patterns and features? Is wallpaper too overpowering of a statement to combine with featured art?

We believe both can work together flawlessly, but it takes careful planning to make it happen.

For example, if you paired a geometric painting on a backdrop of a contrasting geometric wall-covering pattern, you’re more likely to wind up giving the viewer a headache than a pleasant view. If you hang geometric wallpaper, hang an abstract painting with at least one associated color to tie the design together.

Compromise: Wallpaper Murals

If you are wary of making artwork with wall coverings, compromise: Buy a mural. This is a great way to create an accent wall. Then on the other walls, stick to paint or a more toned-down pattern.

Another Compromise: Frame it as Art

Let’s say you’re not a wallpaper person, but you love one design so much! It’s OK if you don’t want to hang it on the entire wall. Buy one roll and frame a section as an art piece! It’s one of the best ways to capture an unforgettable pattern without committing to papering an entire wall or the whole room.

Shop Online for More Designs

We have designs for everyone, no matter style preferences or taste. You can create a unique, welcoming environment in your home with wall coverings and use art for the finishing touches. Shop online at Wallpaper Warehouse for great deals and high-quality products, with free shipping every day of the week.


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