Properties Animal Clinic has been Calgary’s trusted veterinarian clinic for almost 30 years. We try to be a friendly Calgary pet clinic with the quality of care we provide our patients and the trust we create with their humans. The most excellent veterinarian care provides lifelong nutrition and continuing prevention.

Some pets don’t usually speak independently and continue to love us unconditionally. But how can we provide the best health care for them within Canada?

In Calgary, Properties Animal Clinic provides efficient needs for our pets. It’s easily accessible from Calgary’s ring road, reducing the impact of a vehicle journey on your pet.

Properties Animal Clinic, a fully equipped veterinarian clinic in Calgary, takes routine and emergency veterinary situations within regular office hours. We have extensive expertise with all forms of medical, surgical, and dental difficulties and knowledge of all animal ailments, testing, and treatment procedures.

For over 30 years, serving pets and caring for their needs. Providing such care can be:

Giving the best life to your pets

We initially think of pets as just furry animals, yet they are the finest companions we can have. Animal neutering, dentistry, and other services are available at Properties Animal Clinic.

They are also a life that should be treasured and adored for the rest of their lives.

The most excellent veterinarian care provides lifelong nutrition and continuing prevention. Properties Animal clinic gives educational tools regarding common animal issues, pet behavior tips, care information, vet visit guidance, and much more during every dog and cat clinic visit.

For their life-long journey, for the best health care. Visit Properties Animal Clinic or Book an Appointment – Calgary animal clinic at 403-285-5111 to schedule a visit.



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